My passion takes new meaning

My love of writing developed while I was in the third grade. It began with poems. which are based on emotions, and are not constructed with rigid structures or rules. Later, I began to master the rules of essays and research papers which disregards ethos for logic and order. I stopped writing poetry. However, I did not stop writing. The one thing I continue to love and cultivate in my writing is the art of storytelling. In everything I do, whether it is an article, a video interview, or photograph, my goal is to convey a story. My passion and self-proclaimed purpose is “visual storyteller.” By pen or a lens, it is what I strive for and what I want to do with my life. I like uncovering and sharing the lives of the human race.

Last week, I wrote the obituary for my mother’s funeral (she died suddenly in her sleep May 8th, 2017). No doubt the most difficult story I have told in my twenty years of life, but it was only a glimpse into the legacy she left. I had to condense her life onto a page that was inadequate. I realize you can not completely visually express the impression of someone’s life. As a storyteller, I can only provide a glimpse. My struggle as a future journalist is determining what is important to the audience. Every story is different, but everyone one has a story to tell. I want to be the one who effectively and brilliantly shines a light on the beauty and distresses of humanity in today’s world.

My very existence is the story of love between my parents. I am the evidence of their prayers, love, and hopes. Therefore, I wish to make their sacrifices worth wild.


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