Under lock and key, but I’ve lost the key.


About Last Night

I came across an old poem of mine from 2013. It’s a true story I had written down in my journal the morning after a youthful night out. The guy I affectionately call, my true love, Titus (aka Ty) was one of the bravest and sweetest souls I have ever known. He was the first person I was close to who died young, at 19, in a motorcycle accident.

On this night, he carried me to our friend’s beat-up Toyota as I whimpered in pain. His encouraging words on that night continues to apply to my life every single day and night. Those feelings of pain and exhaustion mean nothing when you have a support system to lean on. We all have to work with the tools we have in order to make it through any situation. Despite the depression, tragedy, fear, sickness, or our imperfections… we carry on.

Last night I lost my shoe./ I was in a daze/ I didn’t realize until I accidentally stepped on something sharp (who knows what it was)/ All I know is it made me cry out loud the Lord’s name. / It stung,/ burned like a fire ant hill./ There was no water. / Only spit and spirits for the bleeding sole I had. / ”Carry on mate”, Ty told me./ And I did.